Changes are here to stay

The world is changing every day in so many respects.
These days we have storms like never before, and earthquakes a-plenty. Some countries elect a totalitarian leader, while others go for a super-tramp (or what was that thing in card games again?). Luckily, there are other countries with a (at least seemingly) normal president, even if they eat a lot of snails beside that.

Not even our band gets around changes, and we regret to have to announce that Ursula and her fiddle have left us again, after two and a half years playing with us. Thanks a lot for having played with us!
This doesn't change anything in respect to our enthusiasm to play music, nor our ability to do so, even for a live audience. But naturally we would love it even better with four people than with three, so we are looking for a new fiddle: info's here

Another little change on our web-site: we've done away with the guest-book. As the bots in the internet seem do get really clever, and being (mostly) the only ones to post in there, we've decided, we don't need that anymore. So if you want to contact us, or send us comments, please do so via e-mail. Thanks! :)

Fortunately, some things never change. The next St. Patrick's Day will (all too) soon be upon us, and we hope to play a few live gigs around that time.
Another annual happening (nearly as annual as the Paddy-Day) is our gig at the Guelle-Baiz in Basel. They celebrate their tenth anniversary, and we feel like we've played there about twenty times already. It's going to be fun, so let's do it again!

Besides that, we don't have many gigs to announce, but this will definitely be something that will change, sooner or later.


If you're planning anything Irish- or Scottish-themed, let us know: book Nantathren