Good news all-round

A long time not much has happened on our website. That, however, doesn't mean we were idle.

On the contrary: we were too busy to change our website (at least sort of).

In January we were in a studio for a couple of days to record a few songs. We were supposed to have finished them by now, and to be working on producing the CD we've been planning for the last couple of years. Fortunately, other good news have kept us from doing so:

We found a new fiddler who's willing to put up with the three of us! Hooray!


Welcome aboard Ivo!


We're looking forward to playing gigs with Ivo, completing our setup again to four people.

And we're hoping to finish recording the songs with Ivo later this year, so we can finally get a CD out again after a long 15 years.


And some more good news:

Once again we have a public appearance to announce (rare enough), as we'll be playing at the Safiental Open-Air Festival on July 15. Maybe we can convince some of our fans to make the journey, and joins us for some Sunday afternoon fun in the mountains.

But naturally, we're also open for other gigs: 

If you're planning anything Irish- or Scottish-themed, let us know: book Nantathren