Some more god news

Since the last update we've been to the studio a second time, and we're going for another (and hopefully final) time very soon. We hope to finish up the recordings, so we can get on with other things, such as actually producing a CD.
Ivo has braved the battle, and has masterfully recorded his fiddle-tracks. It looks as if we might actually manage to bring out a new disc in 2019! What joy!

Good news concernig gigs as well:

Although we all grow older and can't take on every concert that is thrown our way, we still have found a couple of good venues that we actually CAN play. See LIVE for details.

One of the gigs we're looking forward to is this:

nantathren sahara 2019 A6

Naturally, we hope that more good concerts will come our way in 2019, maybe even on dates when our busy timetables allow us to play them. As soon as we get some more, we'll let you know here on our web-site.


we're always open for other gigs: 

If you're planning anything Irish- or Scottish-themed, let us know: book Nantathren