Nantathren is STILL hiring!

Hooray! We're happy to announce that Dominique has joined us, and we can start to redefine and mix up our repertoire with her on the flute, whistle, guitar and micoriophone!

What we're still missing is a replacement for Ivo, however :-( 

 We're looking fo a fiddleplayer, even better if there are other instruments and/or a singing voice attached. Age and gender are of no real importance, but what is crucial is the following:


- You know and love Irish and Scottish Folk music. We have found that without that it's rather difficult to do what we do.
- you have plenty of time and enthusiasm to arrange songs together and work on an extensive repertoire


We are Dominique (1969), Jan, (1971) and Martin (1977) and play relatively traditional folk at a good amateur level, usually a bit faster than others, but of course there is also room for nice, slow ballads.

If you like the sound of this, are somewhere from the Winterthur area (we leave it to you how far you're willing to travel), would like to rehearse +/- once a week (Gaswerk Winterthur), and play a concert every now and then (5-12 per year), then please contact us.

You can listen to a few examples of how this band used to sound here:

If you are interested, please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 079 307 06 43

We look forward to seeing you!

Best regards,



we're always open for other gigs: 

If you're planning anything Irish- or Scottish-themed, let us know: book Nantathren