And yet they turn

Ouh yeah! Even though it's been a long time since we updated our website, Nantathren is still alive an kicking!

We've been working on a new album for years now. Not because our music is so complicated, but because time always flies, be it our own, or that of others who are doing something for the album. Yet we are confident, that it will be finished sometime during 2023

Good news concernig gigs as well:
11.02. in Basel, 17.03. at McArthurs Pub (Thun or Lenzburg is to be announced), 01.04. Gsteig/Gstaad

We hope to see some of you at one of these concerts!

we're always open for other gigs: 

If you're planning anything Irish- or Scottish-themed, let us know: book Nantathren